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Mindbank is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing Enterprise IT Support Services and Wireless Communications for Public Sector and Commercial organizations.

"Negative atmosphere, bad work environment" says a former Mindbank employee on "Glassdoor" on July 13, 2012:

"Cons: The Mindbank Recruiters are horrible. It took 4 months to get an official job offer, and during that 4 months if I checked up once or twice a month I got rude responses for checking to see the progress of the "new hire adjudication process" and it always took at least a week to get either my phone call or email replied to. The employees really don't care if you work with them, the attitude is all employees are a dime a dozen and they can get new ones with the snap of a finger. This company is all about pushing people into contracts which would be good because you will be working with other people, but they are slow about doing it and make you wait on them, but keep telling you that there is a contract they are placing you in. They are not on the ball with anything, new hire paperwork, starting a new contract, or anything really. They don't do in-person meets and usually communicate through email and phone calls but don't like it if the employee initiates the phone call or email."


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Network/Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I am a consultant and do not work on the Mindbank site. The site I work at is a casual environment. The team I work with all get along and management is very happy with our performance."

Director of Programs - Wireless (Current Employee) says

"Mindbank Consulting Group is primarily a staff recruiting company for IT services in the federal sector.FlexibilityCompetition in the same market"

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